My Testimony

I am Dutch and as a child I was raised in Holland within a Roman Catholic family and school. We attended church weekly and through the school I learned a lot of the bible stories. However, upon leaving school I found that the church did not have any answers to my questions and I started to rebel against and wander away from the church. I went through further education without attending church or giving my faith much thought. During a university placement in the UK I was taken to Slough Baptist Church by a colleague. At this church I felt welcomed, at home and accepted. Following this experience I started become interested in God again and I began to read the Bible for the first time. I found a lot of answers in the Bible and from the visits to the church when I was in the UK. I finished my university degree in the Netherlands and after that I moved to the UK to get married and to start attending the Baptist church which had welcomed me so well the first time I came there. I attended an Alpha course where I learned a lot about the basics of my faith. After this course, I felt that I needed to be baptised to make a public declaration of faith and to follow Jesus. I am still at this church and I am involved in the children’s work there as I have identified the importance of this through my own experiences. I also lead a home group in my own house where we study the bible together and I lead a group of colleagues at work where we share and pray together. Recently I have been challenged by various talks I heard with the bible readings from Spring Harvest and the sermons from Gerard Kelly in particular. These challenges make me feel that I need to find out more about the Bible and how to read and interpret it so I can lead the groups I lead better and answer their questions.


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