Art and Faith

The painting on the left is by a Japanese / American Christian Artist Makoto Fujimura and it is called “Broken Splendour”

This is what Makoto Fujimura says about art and our effords trying to define God.

“I remember, a few years before my conversion, telling a friend of mine that “artists are trying to define God; art is their expression of God.” I was right in a limited sense; in the perspective of post-modernism, we attempt to define our own identities and therefore God. But I had a wrong theology then: you cannot define an infinite, absolute God. In fact, this is the point of the first three commandments – that our attempt to define God, rather than being defined by God are futile and dangerous.” Find this quote here.

One of my favorite stories is the story of the return of the prodigal son. After reading a book about this story called “Return of the Prodigal Son” by Henri M Nouwen I have a completely new view on the story and how the painting by Rembrandt van Rijn (shown on the right) reveals so much of what is told in that passage. The story in my favorite bible translation can be found here.


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